About Us

Why we do this?

In our 27 years of making skateboards, one thing has remained the same. Our focus and our commitment to you. Making skateboards is more than just producing a product. For us, it is about connecting with what inspires us to create, and staying true to that drive. We don't chase what's popular. We make what you need to express yourself through your skateboard. So let us know what drives you and we will meet in the middle. 

Come see us
We have a new Gallery in the plateau of Montreal. Come say hi, tell us what you love, tell us what you hate. We would love to have a conversation-
4257 rue St Denis. Montreal QC
kebbek skate shop
What have we done? 
Our History in downhill skateboarding runs deep. We were one of the first to develop downhill skateboards with the technology of CNC machining and pushed lower platform boards into the market with innovations of the drop through and drop platform deck. Here is a video that tells just one of those stories. The history of the drop through board design. It all started with the SmoothCut. 
To get a deeper understanding of our history, watch this award winning documentary, Hicks on Sticks. A story about a life changing journey led my Kebbek's founder Ian Comishin, who formally owned PM skateboards. Him and a team of skaters with 2 bands, traveled across the Canada to inspire kids in small towns to skateboard. The trip bankrupted the company and changed skateboarding in Canada forever. 
Skatboarding is about connection. Don't hesitate to contact us and tell us how you feel about skateboarding. What you love, what you hate. We would love the conversation.
Artistic collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. At the Kebbek Gallery, we have monthly art collabs and launch parties. If you are an artist with something to contribute, and idea for a collaberation, hit us up! Here is a video of a previous colab with Montreal artist Smoluk. 
Peek Our most recent collab with another Montreal artist, Le Petitom. a full mural
in our shop and clothing line. 
kebbek skate shop