Emily Pross Mountain *LIMITED EDITION*

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Emily Pross Continues to go fo gold and chase the world podium. To help get her there, we honed in on what she needs to be faster, and in more control. so this season we made a Limited Edition of her promodel board. 

It has the same foot hugging mold from last season. You will find a beautifully crafted radial drop that lowers your center of gravity, while providing a number of foot pockets to hold you in when you need it. The concave is deep, sharp but with the perfect flat section to give your feet the freedom to move when you need it to. we also kept the wheel bases the same, 22"-25".

Now for the things we changed. Emily runs pretty tiny trucks, for maximum grip and maneuverability. So she needs a board that can accommodate this kind of set up. We narrowed the board this year to 9", as well as widened and deepened the wheel wells dramatically. This season her board is 8 plys of Canadian maple sandwiched between 2 plys of fiberglass. 

These boards are extremely limited. only 50 made worldwide. 

Skate Fast my friends, Skate Fast. 

The board comes with the grip tape on.

Need advice on a set up? Or should we just share a virtual high five? Tell us what you love, what you hate and what you think we could do better. 

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