EP 4 A Trick for You & a Trick for Me

To recap, in episode 1, Team rider Mariya Milusheva teamed up with Ryan Ricker to show us how to Fakie Shove-it and how to No Comply. Then in episode 2, team rider Milan Baeten worked with Isabella Fierman to teach us how to Fakie No Comply Big Spin and No Comply Shove-it. Last week, Milan returned, teaming up with Luca Barton, to show us how to No Comply Spin Big and how to No Comply 180 to Shove-it.

This week in episode 4, Mariya returns, and teams up with Kate Voynova. Kate and Mariya work together to bring you guys a tutorial on how to Fakie Front Side Shove-it and how to Impossible Grab. 

Stay tuned! We have two more videos to roll out to you guys! And remember, each week the tricks get harder, so keep progressing and keep working on those tricks. So, can you longboard dance? 


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