Emily Pross Pro Model Spec Announcement

It is our absolute pleasure to finally release the much awaited shape photos of Emily Pross's Pro Model downhill skateboard. We worked very closely with Emily to achieve the exact shape she needs take home podium finishes. She had some very interesting particularities that got us super excited to get right for her. We love a challenge and it was a blast building this downhill skateboard for Emily. 

emily pross pro model longboard

We Shaped this board with foot lock and comfortability in mind. The perfect pitch of concave to lock your feet in, without over doing it. The 1/2 inch radial drop ads leverage for sliding and the lowered platform increases stability for going fast. Emily was also specific about a few things. She really likes the front truck directly under her foot for leverage and control. So the front truck reaches a bit closer to the edge of the drop where her foot sits. We gave multiple wheel base options in case you like having the truck further away from your foot. We have a flush mount underneath making this possible.Emily Pross Pro Model SkateboardWheel base options were very specific for Emily. She is known for finding the best and most technical lines, and she makes this possible by having a narrow wheel base. Narrow wheelbase means more grip and maneuverability. This beast goes as low as 22 inches and reaches up to 25 inches giving the perfect blend for you to play around with. 

Emily Pross Pro Model Downhill Skateboard

Emily also likes a touch of flex in her downhill skateboard. A completely rigid board shoots heavy vibrations under foot when going really fast, especially on less than perfect pavement. So the perfect balance of dampening was achieved, still giving her a hyper responsive deck. We tested a number of constructions, and reached 7 plys of maple and 2 plys of a particular weighted fiberglass to harmonize rigidity and dampening. It also makes it super light! Emily also wanted her board to look good, with some deep seeded meaning. She specifically requested a swallow tail as an homage to the surf roots embedded in skateboarding. 

Emily Pross Promodel Graphic - professional downhill skateboard

We are also extremely excited to soon announce the specs of her other pro model board, the Emily Pross city. A perfect inner city cruiser or bowl slasher. Still made in our Canadian factory with Canadian maple. Artwork for Emily's board was done by Rossland B.C artist, Niva Helen. Stay tuned for more details on the rest of our new line up. 

If you want one of these beuties, be sure to contact your local skate shop to place a pre book as they are already nearly sold out! We will also be selling them on our online store, but we encourage you to support your local skate shop. 




  • Rich

    I met a fellow with this board and tried it out. Great feel, very comfortable and secure. Will get it one if these days.

  • Christian Renteria

    Honestly the best board I’ve ridden. Its good for free ride and downhill. Currently on my precision Calibers and they’re good.
    I’m 5’7 with a size 9 shoe and its perfect for my height and stance.

  • Tobias Lülf

    I dont like it. Wouldnt buy.

  • anonymous

    Does the board include the rider?

  • Leejungwoo

    I want to buy Emily Pro model deck.
    How can I buy

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