Dig Deep Video & Tech Features at the Big O

The Dig Deep is our technical transition/street shape. Watch this video, and hear about the tech features from Jordan "Dig Deep" Wells as he crushes lines in Montreal's big O . This beast is Canadian made and makes for an awesome city cruiser/bowl crushing machine.

The Dig Deep pool shape is a very versatile skateboard. It was designed for transition skateing in mind, but we made it to also suit street skateboarding, and city cruising. Measuring in at 8.4" wide means you can but 139 or 149 trucks on it. 139 if you are into street skating and 149 if you are into bowl or transition skating.

Dig Deep-kebbek skateboards-bowl street shape

The Dig Deep is a Canadian made skateboard, so it is very durable and has a robust wood feel. It holds up very well to dings and chips and holds its shape for a long time. It has a very subtle wail taper to help with foot lock for fast skateboarding, hitting coping, tech sliding or sending big airs. 

canadian made skateboard - dig deep - kebbek skateboards

The versatility of the dig deep makes for a great skateboard gift, as everybody has something to do with this incredibly versatile skateboard. Get it on our online store, or your local skateboard shop. 

canadian made skateboard - dig deep - kebbek skateboards

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