All Kebbek SYCLD Tutorials

We recently released all the Kebbek SYCLD tutorials, from the Longboard Dancing World Championships in Eindhoven, Netherlands. So, naturally, we thought it was a good idea to mash the 6 part series, in one big video. To recap, our videos featured, Kebbek Team Riders, Mariya Milusheva and Milan Baeten teaming up with fellow skaters to bring you guys some trick tip tutorials.

The tutorials feature two trick tips in one. Where one of our riders show another rider a trick, and vice versa. The other cast of riders include: Ryan Ricker from Paris Truck Co, Isabella Fierman from "The Klok Skate Crew," Luca Barton from Timber Boards, Kate Voynova from Orangatang Wheels, Tristan Bottin from Alternative Longboards, and Tim Klasener from Bastl Boards.

If you are looking to learn a particular trick, or want to watch one of your favorite riders within this long video part, checkout this summary to get an idea on what lies within:

0:23- The beginning features Mariya Milhusheva and Paris Truck Co's Ryan Ricker. In this part you can learn how to Fakie Shove-it and No Comply
1:40 - This part picks up with Milan Baeten and, his good mate for "The Klok Skate Crew," Isabella Fierman. In this part you can learn how to Fakie No Comply Big Spin and No Comply Shove-It
2:46 - This part once again features Kebbek team rider Milan Baeten. Here, Milan teams up with Timber Board's Luca Barton. You can learn how to No Comply Spin Big and No Comply 180 to Shove-It.
3:51 - In this part, we meet team rider Mariya Milusheva again. She teams up with the "Red Headed Longboarder" Kate Voynova who represents Orangatang. This part shows you how to Fakie Front Side Shove-It and Impossible Grab.
5:02- Milan is back, and teams up with Alternative Longboard's Tristan Bottin. In this part, you can learn how to Pop Shove-It Crossland and how to Switch 180
5:57 - In this part Mariya teams up with Bastl Boards' Tim Klasener. Here you can learn how to Pirouette and Fakie No Comply BIGGER Spin





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