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vintage Signature Series

Made in Canada, never worn vintage items with our new signature series embroidery.

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Skateboard Art Collaboration

Regular price $200.00 CAD

We gave 10 artists 10 skateboards and asked them to interperet the common theme of "Party" using typography to convey their interpretation. Each board is one of a kind and made by a local Montreal / Ottawa artist. If you missed the vernissage, now is your chance to take one of these unique artworks home. 

All boards are hand painted and or with glued on pieces. We recommend these items remain on your wall as art works, not ridable skateboards. 

Featured artists include:

Marc O'Brien - @doras.creative
Ariane O'Connor- @arianeoconnor
Eightyaday- @Eightyaday 
Louis Vallantin-Dulac -@louis_letters
Zoe Roberge-Magnan @zazme
Louis Cliche - Clicmtl
Evan Andrew - @evgrice
Kayla Shaye - @kaylamarok
Justine Brd - Loopkin - @loopkin_514

Need advice on a set up? Or should we just share a virtual high five? Tell us what you love, what you hate and what you think we could do better. 

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vintage collared sweater - k signature Kebbek - Dad Hat Kebbek - Anorak Rain Coat Kebbek - Fanny Pack American Dream Tee Shirt

Skate Gear


Clothing that is great to skate and party in. Designed, printed and embroidered in Montreal.

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how it's made

Our one of a kind opalescent anniversary series is done by hand in house with our custom made formula. Tune in to see how its done. 

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Pool shapes

We don't just make longboards. Dig into the deep end with our pool shapes. We have been making them for 25 years.

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Emily Pross Ben Dub Emma Daigle Crafty Isac Printz

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