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Amane Kishida

1- What’s your full name? Amane Kishida

2- What are your buddies calling you? Amane or Donburiman

3- Where and when were you born? Kawasaki.Kanagawa Japan.

4- When did you start riding skateboards? 1995

5- When was your first time on a longboard and what setup were you riding? In 1996. Gravity hyperCarve.B2Truck.

6- Who were your early downhill influences if any? I saw Youtube. Try Downhill.

7- Best spot you skated? NogawaBank.Tokyo

8- What is your ideal session like? Poolsessions at Beach with Goodwave.

9- Who’s your favorite rider to watch on video? Chiristian Fletcher

10- Do you have a blog or website? Shoot the url:

11- What percentage your Facebook friends you have never met? 5%

12- Favorite meal? Tacos.

13- Favorite beer? Asahi.but I love Cola.

14- What music makes you want to go skate? Minimal Techno.

15- Any musical guilty pleasure you are ashamed of?

16- Can you drop in a vert ramp? I can drop Longboard too

17- What is your favorite setup right now and why? RossLand x INDeeSZ159mm x Cult Converter     freeride.
Gravel x IndeeSZ127mm x MagariWheel  Freemind.

18- What’s that little thing you do to your setups that makes them feel way better? Bearing Clean.

19- What's the best race you've attended and why? No race.

20- Anyone you want to thank? Family.

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